Birds in My Life

COVID HIT .... and locked me down but the gallery has some pieces on line                                               

 Exhibition is open  February 17 - March 15th, 2020


122 Fern Road West, 
Qualicum Beach, B.C. V9K 1T2

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Jo’s book: “Carved in Oak - medieval pew carvings in English churches” - began her study of medieval designs in UK and Europe. Her latest paintings feature birds inspired by early designs found in churches and old china and pottery. She sets her humorous images birds in foliage taken from her sketches of leaf designs food in her wanderings through Botanical    and private gardens. "

Researching old pottery fragments, textiles and painted panels, leads me to humorous bird designs which inspire my new works: “Birds in my Life”. This fascination with antiquities began when I was art student in Peru, participating in archeological digs and I discovered the textiles of Paracas that feature birds. More recently, I drew a series of medieval pew ends in East Anglia UK, published in a book: Carved in Oak.

When sketching in museums, churches and historic places, I use a ball point pen - very non-archival but it rolls smoothly - colours are remembered in notes or occasional use of non-damaging colour pencils. - Jo Scott-B 2020


born Buenos Aires Argentina,  lives in Vancouver, B.C. - (Canadian citizen)  

STUDIED art in Argentina, Peru, Canada, UK.

As a child in Buenos Aires,  Jo was at school with daughters of Pres. Juan Peron’s generals, learning early the value of discretion. Fascinated by characteristics which give places their individuality, she has used her art to focus attention on endangered and lost heritage buildings;   Jo is a co-founder of Heritage Vancouver, served on the City of Vancouver's Heritage Commission and won a City of Vancouver Heritage Award for her paintings of old Grocery Stores.

Jo lived briefly in the Okanagan, winning an Award from the City of Kelowna for her painting of local arrowhead sunflowers, which grow wild in the slopes in the valley.

Jo has published two books: - Hello Dog, a book for  children to learn about meeting dogs and feel safer with them;        Carved in Oak, drawings of medieval bench carvings in English churches.   Jo continues to explore ancient designs, focusing now on birds. found in European and British museums, cathedrals etc. Parallel to this, she is studying the varied designs and colours found in foliage.

You may find Jo working in VanDusen Gardens and (escaping winter chills) in the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver BC.